Personal Development (NOT NEGOTIABLE)

This story I am about to write was shared by my mentor Dr Chima Amadi (PhD) and in this twitter thread, he shared how he got his Master in Public policy and administration, etc.

Lol! Let me burst y’all brains. So, I decided I was tired of being a nutritionist. I wanted to apply for an undergraduate degree in Politics and international relations. The snag was: I was a pure science student. No O’Level in the relevant courses. I wanted to be in the University By September of that year. So, I went to a secondary school, saw the Principal, told him I wanted to register for May/June WAEC. He asked to see my child that I wanted to register. I told him I was the candidate. Oga wanted to faint. He was used to seeing me on TV. Oga said, “but you are a Dr”. I told him: yes, I have a PhD but I am looking to do another course that needs credits in Government and History. Oga asked me what else I wanted in life. I told him fulfilment.

Tired of talking politics without a theoretical understanding of social events. He agreed to register me but told me that I must wear the school uniform for the exams. Told him I totally understood. Na so Bros take go sew uniform o. I then registered in an extramural class to clean up my O’Level maths knowledge. They were too slow but the tutor was sound. I just tripled her cash and asked her to come and give me one week intensive brush up in my office. Long story short, I wrote WAEC with kids that were almost 25 years younger than me. I was 40 then. Passed my exam and got my admission. I have since then gone ahead

To get a Masters in Public Policy and Administration; Masters in Political Science; Masters in Economics and Development Studies; Masters in Democracy and Comparative Politics. Now getting ready for my second PhD in Politics. Just because I refused to think about age or shame.

So, peeps, when it comes to personal development, never let anything stand in your way. Not age, not status, not even fear of the future. Just plunge and do what makes you happy.

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